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Some people don't think that their carpets need cleaning, maybe because they can't see what is hiding in carpet fibers, research conducted by cleaning machines manufacturers showed that health horrors hiding in unwashed carpets, carpets were found to contain traces of horse manure, fox poo, urine, vomit and tar as well as human and pet hair, pollen and traces of skin. dangerous bugs like pneumonia and E Coli are being brought into our homes on the soles of our shoes. unwashed carpets can become homes to bacteria and germs and in particular dust mites, which can put some people at greater risk of diseases.

How can we help

We provide carpet cleaning services, using extraction cleaning method which is the most effective and recommended method by carpet manufacturers. Extraction cleaning also known as steam cleaning is a process in which a high pressure cleaning solution spray penetrate carpet fiber coupled with a powerful vacuum action that extract the solution and soil from carpet. leaving your carpet clean and fresh. you can use your carpet after one hour depending on weather condition may take less or more. don't hesitate and contact us to feel the difference.


Other cleaning Services

  • Stain Removal
  • Urine Treatment
  • Smoke & Odour Treatment
  • Browning Treatment
  • Sanitising and Disinfecting

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